Audience Fragmentation

Because digital means that audiences are more fragmented than say, traditional TV, that can be turned into a positive. In other words, you reach out to those targets whom you want to see your message.

That’s the power of digital – talking to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Digital Video Advertising

The role of advertising is changing. Audiences are using online constantly throughout their day regardless of wheather there is a paper in front of them, they are standing at a bus stop, or if the televison is on.

Audiences are engaging on social media while watching their favourite television programmes, Looking at websites whilst they are reading articles, its always on and there to deliver your message.

It’s commonsense that if more Irish people are on Social Media (50% have Facebook accounts, circa 20% on Twitter) and they’re using that at prime eveningtime, that you should be too

That 200,000 Irish homes have ad-free Netflix.

That split-screen viewing (watching TV and keeping their laptops open at the same time as the TV is on) is estimated at 16% and growing.

That YouTube is the second biggest Search engine after Google, because people want to watch online video. If they’re doing that, it is important that your brand or business has an online strategy and presence.

Commonsense shows that your audience now has a high propensity to watch your message online in video. They prefer it because it’s longer form (giving you the opportunity to tell your story in more than the traditional 30 seconds); if they like it, they can share it on Social easily; and because of proliferation, they can find it easier.

So online digital video is the new Advertising medium for brands. It works and its unrivalled in its success because its measureable. That’s why it continues to grow!

One thing is for certain, if you don’t have an online video, you’ve no chance of reaching out and being part of that success.

Guaranteed Placement

Online digital video media planning

It’s important too that once video is created, you can get it in front of the right targets – your bullseye audience – and to that, online media offering you the opportunity to ‘place’ or ‘seed’ that video.

It works just the same as a traditional Media Plan.

We have a budget, we have a clear understanding of the audience and we can present a media strategy that works. In some cases too, using RTB (Real time bidding) which is becoming the standard value exchange of Ads between buyers and sellers in real time.

So Streamabout isn’t just video creators, but video placers too.